Conditions of carriage

About the Document

Conditions of carriage refer to all buses, which are in the property of the JSC “Metro Georgia” Company and execute the conveyance of passengers or load transportation service in Georgia and out of its borders. Any person using the transportation service of the company is imposed all obligations under the noted document. The document includes the information about the conditions we are offering to our clients and the responsibilities they are imposed on using our service.

The noted conditions of carriage refer to the buses, which are the sub-contractors of the “Metro Georgia” Company and appeal for the noted service delivery.

Taking changes into the noted document is available from time to time. The terms of the noted trip enter into force from the moment of the ticket buying at our operator or quick pay box or by internet. The term “ticket” in the given document also implies an electronic ticket. You can familiarize with: the document “rules of usage of the tickets and terms of buying” for the detailed information about the ticket buying.

The noted agreement between you and JSC “Metro Georgia” is concluded under the Georgian legislation and will be interpreted pursuant to the Georgian legislation.

We are always ready to share any note or recommendation of our clients, and in case of the lodging a complaint, we are ready to answer any defiance by firm and documented facts. In case of misunderstanding or a mistake made by us, the company is ready for apologizing and taking all measures for the future, that will be effective for the improving the mistake. You can address us with additional questions, notes or recommendations any time you wish. You can see our contact information at the end of the document.

Our Obligations Related to You

The aim of “Metro Georgia” Company team is a qualified service of the clients, that implies safety, comfort and high level of cleanness.

Our team tries and works on the maintenance of the high quality and standards of the noted service every day, though on the assumption of the fact that our activity presents the transportation service, creation of such delay or barrier connected with the travelling, the overcoming of which is under our forces, is possible at any time; so we will change the route, travelling frequency and time or the ticket cost.

In case of creation of the similar circumstance, we will maximally try to correct delays and to return into the standard regime all our service term. The above-mentioned circumstances may be conditioned by: unplanned road repairing works, unforeseen traffic jams, traffic cataclysms or other similar unpredictable cases.

In such cases operative communication with clients is one of our main goals, so we will maximally try to inform you in time, in order to give you an opportunity to make decision in time because of the route cancellation or delay.

Nevertheless we are not responsible for the loss or damage compensation, that was resulted by these terms, that are discussed in the above-mentioned paragraph. Neither we are responsible for the actions of our employees, in the non-working hours.

Your Responsibility

As the aim and activity of “Metro Georgia” Company is directed towards the comfortable and pleasant service of the consumers, we consider that it is necessary for each passenger to follow the main rules, which have been drawn up by us for you and our personnel welfare.

Take into consideration that, if you use our service, you have to follow rules that are specified in the noted document. Otherwise you will not be given the right to use our transport or you will be required to leave the bus during the trip. In case of violation of the conditions of carriage, no compensation of the ticket or fee will be realized.

General rules

- Our buses stop only in the “bus stop” places, which are for the buses of “Metro Georgia”. Accordingly, your request to stop at a desirable place will not be possible for the driver. We hope you will take into consideration the noted rule before the usage of our service.

- In case of stopping, it is forbidden to leave the bus or climb the bus without the driver`s or of the attendant`s permission.

- We hope you will follow the rules of conduct accepted in the society and will not be tactless towards any of our passenger or our personnel.

- We have right the to refuse our service to any person, if he/she presents danger to others, looks non-hygienic, is under alcohol or drug influence, or in any other condition, when he/she can disturb passengers or make disorder or noise in the bus.

- You may be required to leave our bus, in cases you are noticed:

* Smoking a cigarette (electronic cigarette ncluding)

* Alcohol consuming

* Taking drugs

* Bus damage

* Insulting passengers or our personnel

* Making social disorder

* Violating hygiene norms

- Please maintain cleanness and do not throw or spread garbage in the bus. For this purpose you can use the garbage bins placed in the bus or apply the attendant for giving a garbage pack.

- Listening to music and watching films is allowed, but not disturbing other passengers with noise use headphones, please.

- You are not allowed to spread advertising materials or sell the products of any company in the bus without our written consent.

Safety rules

- It is necessary to foresee all instructions of our personnel, to provide safe and comfortable trip. We also ask not to argue or apply aggressively to our personnel, when they try to keep your safety and to keep calmness.

- Please do not try to divert the driver`s attention by your talk and action, when he drives the vehicle.

- Please do not stand up from the chair or do not move in the bus before the bus stopping (where it is allowed) or before the trip end.

- Take into consideration that standing during the trip is forbidden, except cases when our personnel offers it.

- Please do not smoke in the bus or bus entrance.

- Please do not take hot dishes with strong smell or other products, in case of taking hot drink please consider proper safety norms (do not pour hot liquid, not to burn yourself or endanger other passenger`s health).

- In case the damaging during the trip, or feelling unwell, please inform our personnel about it in order to be rendered appropriate assistance.

- In case noticing any strange or suspicious situation, please inform our personnel immediately about it.

- Please do not use emergency exit, except cases when you are really in the emergency situation.

- Our buses are equipped by video cameras, which can fix any illegal action, as in the bus so around it. Accordingly, for the purpose of the defense of the clients` and companies personal interests, the noted video materials may be passed to the enforcement bodies for the further investigation.

- In case of violation of the above-mentioned safety rules by you, we will not take any responsibility on: in case of early termination of your trip, loss and damage reimbursement.


Transferring a bicycle by our buses is possible only in case of the driver`s or attendant`s permission. Our decision depends on the spare space in the bus carrier, as well as, on the condition of a bicycle.

Domestic Animals

Transportation of the domestic animals is possible only by the special basket in the luggage compartment. Their location request may be refused if they present danger to the passengers placed in the transport.


Placing the luggage in our bus is possible only in the special carriage areas. Our personnel provides the placing of the luggage in the bus carriage. At the same time, take into consideration that we may refuse you the luggage transportation in case it contains easily flammable or explosive material, firearm (except special cases) or other material or liquids dangerous for the passengers.

Lost Things

If you discover that you have left or lost luggage in our bus, keep in touch with number: 0 422 24 22 44. In case we find your lost things or luggage, its returning will be realized from the bus station.

In order to return the lost things or luggage, it is necessary to present any identification document about its owner`s rights on it, otherwise the request on its returning may be refused by us.

Be informed that the our company does not take any responsibility on the left or lost thngs and accordingly no compensation will be realized by “Metro Georgia”.

At the same time, we promise that we will take all measures and use the video camera records existing in the bus to find your lost luggage.

About Our Tickets

You can get the information on the bus ticket rules and buying terms on this link.

About Privacy of the information

You can familiarize with the document on the privacy of information on this link.

Force Majeure

We are released from the responsibility and do not take the obligation about your damage reimbursement resulted from the following circumstances:

- You do not keep the standards specified in our document about travelling rules;

- In case of natural disaster, traffic problems, strikes or other similar events, that are beyond our control, that may impede the passengers` complete service;

- At fixing other problems, having reasoned cause, because of which we cannot realize the service.

Rising a Claim

In case of dissatisfaction by our service, the passenger is authorized to appeal us with claim in written form. For this purpose, he/she must fill in this form of claim. About the decision concerning the claim you will be informed in written form or/and other means of communication within 30 calendar days.

Changes in this Document

The “Metro Georgia” Company leaves the right to change the noted document at any time. So, you need periodical check of the document on the carriage conditions.

Contact information

JSC “Metro Georgia”

#1 Gogol Str., Batumi, Georgia

+995 (0) 422 24 22 44

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