Privacy policy

On the Information Presented in the Document

JSC “Metro Georgia” Transport Company takes full responsibility on the safety and privacy of your personal information.

The represented document includes the following information:

- What kind of information we collect from you, when you visit our webpage or use our service;

- How we collect and use this information;

- And how it is possible to get in touch with us, in case your rights violation or if you wish to request the information collected about you.

We kindly ask tofam filiarize with the given document before using our websites or service(s).

Information, which we may Collect from you

We may collect and process the following information about you:

a) The information presenting of which is realized by you, when you fill in any form at our webpage or in case you keep in touch with us and use your contact sources. The following information can be collected by the noted method: name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail, date of birth. In some cases the details about your methods of payment, place of work or education, photo can be collected in addition. This information may be given to us in the following cases:

- When you use claim or resume forms;

- When you take part in our questionnairies and investigations and agree with the appropriate terms given in them.

- When you use the online system of ticket buying and give us as your contact as the information about the transaction conducted by you: date, method, amount of payment. We do not collect or keep the information about your data or conducted financial transactions.

b) The collection of the information about you is realized via webpage cookies. Cookies are the small sized textual files containing information, which are kept on the hard disk on your computer (or mobile device), when you visit our webpage. Cookies do not present danger for your computer. They help us to improve the performance of our site in the internet and to increase the satisfaction of our consumers towards the webpage. The following information may be got via cookies:

- When you visited our site and how much time have you spent on the page;

- What country you visited us from and what language webpage you used;

- What kind of equipment and browser you are using;

- How you have found us in the internet and by what source you have entered the site;

- How many pages have you seen and how many times you have entered the site,

- etc.

Our website uses the third person`s webpage - Google Analytics for collecting cookies. You can familiarize with their privacy policy and information about usage of cookies on this link.

Additional information about cookies is available on the following webpage:

3. Where your Personal Information is Kept

At the using system of travelling ticket online, money transactions are realized with the mediation of TBC Bank. Accordingly, information about transactions conducted by you and other details specified in this process will be given directly to the TBC Bank. General Agreement of the Bank in which the information about the consumers` privacy policy is also given, can be seen on this link.

“Metro Georgia” does not take the responsibility on the safety of the information collected by the third person, but we assure you the website(s) of the third person is safe and has(have) proper software for the full guarantee of the information safety.

4. How we Use the Information Collected about you

We may use the information collected about you for the following aims:

- to inform you about the taken changes in our service in case of necessity;

- in order to realize the possible payments and transactions;

- in order to execute our obligations resulted from the contract which may be drawn up between you and our Company;

- in order to give you the periodical information about our services, products or offers, which may be interesting for you;

- in order to improve the performance of our webpage in the internet;

- In order to share information with the international “Metro” Company whose official representative we are in Georgia.

If you are the client, who has already used any of our services, we can get in touch with you via e-mail or SMS in case of necessity, in order to give you the information about other services or products.

In case you do not wish to get any kind of message from our company, please write about it on the following e-mail:

Passing of the Personal Information

We may pass your information to the companies, which are united under “Metro” Holding.

We can also give your information to the third persons in the following cases:

- in order to realize your payment process successfully during bank transactions;

- in order to consider your claim;

- and if we are imposed an obligation to giving any kind of information to the state, for keeping the interests of our company, their property and safety.

Your Rights

Georgian law on the personal data protection gives you a right to address us for stopping your contact information usage for marketing goals.

It is possible to place third person(s)`s webpage links on our webpages. Please take into consideration that we are not responsible for the safety, protection and the aims of their usage of the personal information given to this webpage(s) by you. So, please familiarize with the privacy policy of the webpage(s) beforehand, before you use their service of the webpage.

About Passenger Card

“Passenger Card” holders have a right to request personal information about themselves, which is kept by our company. The noted request may be satisfied within 3 working days.

About Changes Taken in the Document

We leave a right to take necessary changes to this privacy policy document. We give a guarantee, that you will be informed in the appropriate form in case of the taken changes via our webpage.


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