Ticketing terms and conditions

About our Tickets

You are responsible for the the correct selection of the trip route, price, date and other necessary information, when you are realizing ticket(s) buying.

It is necessary to have valid ticket or buy a new one in order to use our transport service. You cannot use our service, if:

1. you falsify, dublicate or change the ticket or its data;

2. it is bought by other person and accordingly, if it is not registered on your name (except cases when it is admitted);

3. the tickets validity period is expired or is invalid;

4. it is not signed or sealed when it is necessary.

Before buying ticket(s) at our offices, please recheck the ticket data and cost carefully. While buying the ticket by online system, please choose the desired service and the travelling parametres attentively before you finish payment.

Please have your putchased ticket with you during the whole trip, as our company representative may ask you to represent it for the rechecking of the travelling data. If you do not represent your own travelling ticket in the noted case, you will be asked to leave the transport. At the same time take into consideration, that in case of finding the lost ticket later, the company will not compensate the paid ticket cost.

Selling ticket(s) by us does not confirm that you are guaranteed the route specified in the ticket and timely realization of the trip. The noted problem may be resulted by the technical disorder of the vehicle, unforeseen naturel events or other cases foreseen by the Georgian legislation.

If any person (or passenger) is noticed in cheating, duplication or different procedures, which are connected with the procession of our ticket for further using them for travelling, they will be imposed corresponding responsibility under the Georgian legislation.

All drivers and attendants of the travelling transport have detailed information about the purchased travelling tickets: timetable, quantity of the taken seats, date of the purchased tickets, etc. The access of the precise information is available in case of request. Beside this, the above-mentioned information can be obtained from our operators (at offices) or directly at our webpage.

You can buy or use the following type of the travelling tickets at our Company:

- One way: the ticket is valid for using once only, that is avalible to be used for the transportation beween the places specified in the ticket.

- Setting off – returning (two ways): the travelling is possible only in the dates noted on the ticket.

- Open ticket: using open ticket is possible only within 1 month period, to the same direction, at any time. Though there is no guarantee that there will by places in the bus at the time when you wish to travel.

- 4-12 years old children: travelling tickets, which are for the children under 6 years, present 75% of the full cost of the ticket.

- A student: travelling tickets, which are for students` travelling present 75% of the full cost of the travellng. It is necessary to present a student`s card with the ID card for buying the ticket.

- Disabled person, pensioner and war veteran: the noted people may use our service with 25% discount. Take into consideration that it is necessary to represent corresponding document and the ID card for buying the ticket.

As “Merto Georgia” Company offers discounts and vouchers and different kinds of actions all year round, it is possible to subject the above-mentioned ticket types and the quanity of the corresponding discounts to these changes . So, please recheck this information beforehand at out operators before taking decision.

Ticket Buying and Usage

For buying tickets the specification of the following information must be done: time of buying the bus ticket, place of alighting, ticket fee, form of payment, date of travelling and exact time of departure.

You can buy tickets at our offices, via electronic system by our webpage or quick pay box apparatus. In case of buying of the electronic ticket, the information is filled in by the cient. After the process ending, valid travellng ticket will be sent at the e-mail noted by you.

For using the electronic ticket, you have to print it out and represent it to the conductor or write out the number specified on the electronic ticket and to ticket it at out office(s) before the trip.

In order to use our service, it is necessary to represent your identicication card, passport, ID card or other identification document.

In case of discovery of the false ticket, we reserve a right to take the ticket away and to require the bus leaving from you. In the noted case no ticket returning of amount compensation will be realized by us.

Change, Annulment and Compensation of the Purchased Ticket

Change of a travelling ticket in the direction of Batumi - Tbilisi, that implies the change of route, traveling date or place in the coach, may be realized no later than 3 hours earlier of the noted trip, and 6 hours earlier in case of the international routes. Otherwise, you will be made to annul the ticket and buy a new one.

Change, cancel or compensation of the tickets bought in the e-form is impossible.

Change of the travelling ticket is possible only once, though we cannot guarantee, that your request will be satisfied completely, as the bus tickets on the desired route may be sold.

It is allowed to give your own ticket(s) to others. Though, if you wish to realize such action, please apply our operators before the trip, in order to conduct the appropriate procedures.

In case of loss or damage of your ticket we are not responsible for the amount or the ticket reimburcemet. You will have to buy a new ticket once more.

It is not admissible to use the damaged travelling ticket and if you decide to travel with such ticket, it will not be deemed valid. In such case, please apply our operators before the trip, for taking proper measures. We may not satisfy your request because of insufficient evidences.

Your request about the compensation of amount or the ticket may be satisfied only in case if this is resulted by our ticket buying system technical mistake or other cases, when the noted will be deemed necessary by us.

A customer may require the trip deferment from the seller 3 hours before the bus departure, in such case the customer is given an open travellinf ticket. Usage of an open ticket is available within 1 month period, to the same drecion, at any time.

You are authorized to require the ticket annulmet no later than 3 hours before the departure. In case of this the company reimburces 75% of the ticket cost. Take into consideration that the request of the ticket returning will not be satisfied by the company within 3 hours before the trip.

About the Passenger Card

You can use the travelling card - “Passenger Card” of “Metro Georgia”. One can buy it at our offices. The card holder has a possibility to collect points on the card each time of travelling and to participate to different actions and discounts realized by company all year round. Detailed information abour the card is available on our webpage.

Privacy Policy

You can familiarize with the document on the personal information privacy on this link.

Travelling Terms and Conditions

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Changes in this Document

The company “Metro Georgia” preserves the right to change the noted document at any time.


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